Brésibec inc. - More than 10 years of experience in international trade

Brésibec International Inc was founded in 2003 and its headquarters are located in Montreal area in Quebec province.
Originally, the business activities were concentrated in Brazil and Quebec, but they have expanded on all continents from 2007.
Brésibec International is a company with more than 10 years of experience in international trade.
Brésibec activities are grouped into five major activities: (and the main activities are grouped in several categories)

  1. Global Sourcing
  2. International Markets Developments (sale)
  3. Intermodal Transport of Goods (shipping)
  4. Business Consulting (consultant)
  5. Production and Quality Control Monitoring

Global Sourcing
A team specialized in Asian markets work directly with more than a hundred manufacturers in China, Taiwan and India from several industries: hardware, consumer products, toys and electronics. We can quickly find the product you are looking for or find a manufacturer who could make it. Our goal is to make your products more competitive in the Canadian and Quebec market by adding components or lines of products manufactured at low cost in emerging markets. We offer a monitoring service by analyzing the evolution of your local market, visit trade fairs and trade shows, manufacturers, find your competitors, ensure quality control on site and offer alternative suppliers to avoid delivery problems. Our clients come from the retail sector and the industrial sector. We work with well-known chain stores in Quebec and Canada.

International Markets Developments (sale)
We work in both directions of the international market i.e. procurement and sales thereby offer better prices to our customers. As Asia becomes a very interesting market for Quebec and Canadian companies, we help them to enter the market. For our clients we set up a local sales force and oversee the work of the team, visit distributors, do state of competition; train the sales team.

Intermodal Transport of Goods (shipping)
We have a team dedicated on shipping (sending and receiving by ground, sea or air). We handle customs clearance and transportation to your business location. As we have a wide range of clients, we offer great prices for sending and receiving small volumes. Many of our customers are delivering small amounts thereby avoiding high storage cost. We are equipped to provide the "just in time".

Business Consulting (consultant)
Our extensive experience in international markets and international trade allows us to act in some cases as a consultant. You want to enter new markets but do not know where to start? Is your team ready for international trade? Are there opportunities for my small business in Asia? My sales team is well equipped to go to international? Can abroad sourcing increase my profit margins? We are a quality partner to have on your side on the international markets.

Production and Quality Control Monitoring
A production monitoring and quality control are also offered to our customers.

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